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Justice & Peace


U.S. Federation Statements and Actions on Immigration

Sisters of St. Joseph and their partners across the Federation are actively working on migration. Using the knowledge and experience of those working on the margins, we use our collective voice through the Federation to speak on immigration issues. Learn more about the Sisters of St. Joseph and the collective statements we have made on behalf of our immigrant brothers and sisters throughout the years:

Grassroots Actions for Congregations

Recognizing our power in numbers, we are encouraging all of our congregations to consider actions they can take in their own community. Below is a list of resources to help plan prayer services, public witnesses, and to prayerfully consider accompanying our immigrant brother and sisters to their ICE meetings.

Prayer Services

federation ice accompaniment infographic 2019

Public Witnesses

Congregations have turned to weekly Public Witnesses, both done individually and joined with interfaith networks. Maria Elena Perales, justice director for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, encourages those considering public witnesses to invite other groups of sisters and other people of faith to these events. She also encourages contacting local media and inviting them to attend the events to draw even more attention to the cause. Their events typically last an hour, and they distribute signs, assign folks to lead the prayers, use a bullhorn to welcome folks, give a brief overview/update on what is going on then start with the prayer, followed by instructions about where people should walk/stand. They then start the chant they sing while walking to the designated location. At the end, they close with a prayer. Perales notes that setting up chairs for elderly sisters is a great way to get the entire community involved.

Below is a sample poster that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange use for their public witnesses.

ICE Accompaniment

One tangible way people can get involved is by accompanying individuals during their check-ins with ICE. Accompaniment programs can make a real difference and has led to stopping deportations, reducing bond fees, and keep families together. We've included some organizations that organize accompaniment programs. Consider contacting your local immigration coalition to see if they offer similar programs.