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Justice & Peace

Anti-Racism Work

Chicago, Illinois, USA - December 7, 2014 - People protest police brutality against African Americans.

The U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph strongly condemns the continued killing of black people; the constant harassment of people of color; and the denial of the rights and dignity of our Black American neighbors must end now.

As a Federation, we vow to turn our words into precise actions addressing the institutional racism that lives within our institutions and within ourselves. We vow to support criminal justice reforms, including a call for independent bodies that conduct investigations of police misconduct and broad, sweeping reforms to policing, incarceration, and the judicial system. 

We call on the people of the United States to work with greater urgency to eliminate the systemic racism that infects the very soul of our nation. For the U.S. Federation, that requires us looking at all of our institutions and introducing guidelines to ensure that we are working to a more just society. This includes an honest look at the hiring and promotion practices at all levels, including the Federation, congregations, our schools, hospitals, and ministries.

As we continue to work to dismantle institutional racism, we are all asked to do the deep, ongoing inner work that anti-racism requires of us. This includes listening to, learning from, supporting, and elevating the Black voices from within our sisters, partners in mission, and more broadly. Below our a list of anti-racism actions for people to begin taking action.

Read Our Statements on Racism


Addressing racism and white privilege includes listening to, learning from, supporting, and elevating the Black voices from within our sisters, partners in mission, and more broadly. Below are voices from within the Catholic Church:






  • Bail funds in your neighborhood and across the country. Research state-wide and local bail funds that will contribute to your community or donate to bail funds that are assisting in areas that have faced extreme police violence in the face of protests
  • Black Lives Matter: you can donate to the national organization
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund: has a list of resources and ways to get supplies to protesters in need
  • Donate to the families of those who have been murdered by police
  • Uprising Minnesota: this site features rotating information on how to donate and support the black community in Minnesota and more broadly
  • A list of mutual aid, bail funds, memorial funds, and ways to get involved beyond protests
  • Follow and donate to your local social justice advocacy organizations, specifically those focused on transformative justice and with black leadership.
  • Buy books from Black-owned bookstores in your neighborhood and have them shipped online. You can find some of those stores here.
  • Boycott companies that use prison labor