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Ann Marie Grady, CSJ Boston

Ann Marie Grady


As a photographer nature has always provided a world for me to explore. I love the metaphoric qualities of nature images that open connections and new insights to each viewer. The shapes and colors, moods and beauty offer many avenues for the viewer.

The technology of the camera works to provide a way to explore the world of nature. A brief passing cloud formation or a larger than life view of a beach stone are able to be captured. Some images invite us to marvel at the line, the color, the shape. Others transport us into the world of metaphor where change is no longer about nature and the seasons but about ourselves.

Each viewer brings her/his experience to the image. I offer images as a way for viewers to connect to the world beyond themselves – as well as to the world within.

Artistic areas

  • Photography (nature photography)
    • Framed photographs
    • Greeting cards, bookmarks, other uses of images with words
    • Designs created from photographs printed on fabric
  • Logos




Artistic expertise

  • Visual thinking
  • Photographic seeing
  • Visual metaphor

Contact information

            Email –