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Exciting things are happening at the UN and Sisters of St Joseph are a part of it. Click here for more news!

The United Nations was established to be a center for maintaining peace, developing friendly relations among nations and achieving international cooperation. Recognizing that the mission of the Congregations of St. Joseph, that of creating bonds of unity, aligns with that of the UN, we wish (1) to promote the UN agenda in its struggle to create a more just and sustainable society and (2) to bring the wisdom of the grassroots groups we represent to bear on UN debate, policy and decisions.

In order to accomplish this, the Congregations of St. Joseph have had an official presence as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the UN since1979. In 1999, we were granted General Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which has given us the opportunity to express our views and make statements during official UN conferences and meetings, on topics that we deem significant.

General Assembly

Mission Statement of the UN-NGO

The basic desire of the Congregations of Saint Joseph (CSJ’s) is to reflect a “Profound Love of God and Neighbor without Distinction.” Our Mission is to live and work so that all may be ONE. Whether we are among the people who live in pockets of poverty and neglect, in middle class neighborhoods, or areas of greater affluence, we are “Sisters of the Neighborhood” trying to meet the varied needs of people and to create centers of relationship and unity. True to the dream of our foundresses, we continue to try to “divide the city, seek the ills and cure them.”

Working Together


With their presence at the UN, the Congregations of Saint Joseph are eager to:

  • promote the wisdom of all cultures and traditions
  • be active participants in global systems change initiatives
  • take an active role in preserving and using mother earth’s resources through sustainable development to enhance the neighborhood of the universe