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Houses of Welcome and Discernment are open to young women who live with sisters of St. Joseph in Rochester, New York, rural Alabama, St. Louis, Missouri, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Goiania, Brazil. The women live in intentional communities. Together they work towards being a community that is welcoming, prayerful, and involved with the dear neighbor through service projects or ministry.

Each community strives to accomplish these goals in the following ways:

Spiritual Foundation:

  • Mindfulness of God’s presence in ourselves, in our community, in our neighborhood, and in all creation
  • Daily prayer, private and communal, with an openness to a variety of prayer styles
  • Spirituality shaped in part by Scripture and the documents of the Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Justice rooted in Scripture and Catholic Social Teachings

Common Life:

  • Share fully in community life through prayer, meals, care of the house, and related chores, with affordable room and board
  • Support each other in joys and concerns
  • Discernment Experiences