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Justice & Peace

Civic Engagement

Strong girls different nationalities and cultures stand together and raise up posters with word VOTE.The U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph is offering a simple CSSJ reflection, rooted in the ten principles of Catholic Social Teaching, for the next twelve weeks leading up to the November 3 elections. We encourage you, your community, your communicators, and our partners to use/share/email/post/tweet these reflections. They have been designed to spark reflections and conversations via social media and engage all of us in the upcoming 2020 elections. 

Our thanks to the JPIC Federation Immigration Working Group for creating this series for us!

Week 1:

How does our CSSJ Charism – rooted in Catholic Social Teaching – guide our vision to see anew with the eyes of our heart AND inspire reflection on the signs of these times and our candidates? [Flyer]

Week 2:

How can we call out barriers preventing voting during this pandemic? How can we advocate for voter protections to ensure our dear neighbors can vote? [Flyer]

Week 3:

How does the CSSJ mission to bring all people into union with God and one another energize me? How can I be a bridge of unity as I engage in dialogue and actively listen without judgement?  [Flyer]

Week 4: 

How do we support government rooted in subsidiarity and functions at the lowest level possible to assist citizens in fulfilling their responsibility to others and promoting the common good? [Flyer]

Week 5:

In what ways do I enhance human dignity? How do I affirm Jesus values for human life? Love for widows and orphans, prisoners, and the sick and needy… is essential. (Deus Caritas Est. #22) [Flyer]

Week 6:

How do we build safe communities for everyone, particularity people of color? How do we love our dear Neighbor without distinction in order to become a beloved, anti-racist, community? [Flyer]

Week 7:

How can we replace immigration policies & practices that tear families apart and cause trauma with an immigration system that values families and affirms the dignity of all people? [Flyer]

Civic Engagement Resources: