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The Leadership Council appointed the Roles and Responsibilities Committee at its June 2018 meeting. This important committee is charged with developing a clear understanding of the U.S. Federation with its expanded membership and a two-tiered governance structure for the U.S. Federation. The two-tiered governance structure would consist of one for elected leaders of member congregations and one for the expanded membership including agrégées, associates, partners in mission, sisters, the St. Joseph Worker Community, and others who share the charism. The committee would recommend appointment and election procedures for the two-tiered governance structure, define roles and relationships, define how the expanded membership might have its voice heard, recommend how/if the membership or a delegated assembly of the membership might convene, recommend wording for the revision of by-laws and canonical statutes, and propose a new organizational chart that illustrates accountability. They will recommend revised position descriptions to accompany this new structure.

Appointment of this committee was delayed until we had a preliminary report from the Membership Expansion Committee and the Reserved Powers Committee. With a general direction from both committees and advice from the Leadership Council, they have started their work. The committee is looking forward to reports from the Interest Groups and Communication Committees that will further help inform the direction of this committee.

The committee consists of a diverse group of sisters and lay people. The committee includes: Sr. Linda Buck (Co-Chair — Orange), Sr. Betty Cawley (Boston), Sr. Karen Dietz (Rochester), Sr. Elizabeth Hill (Brentwood), associate Andrea Pearson Tande (Carondelet-St. Paul), and Sr. Patty Johnson and Kristen Whitney Daniels from the U.S. Federation office. The Federation would like to thank the committee members in advance for their work on these important but challenging topics.