By: Patty Johnson

Sr. Charlene DiorkaThe Leadership Council is happy to announce its next steps in implementing the historic decisions that were made during the November 2017 Leadership Assembly. At the June 18-19 Leadership Council meeting — using the process they described in the March 29, 2018 website story — they appointed two sisters from the youngest 7 percent of sisters in the U.S. Federation. Historically, the Leadership Council had only been open to elected congregational/provincial leaders. They appointed Sister Charlene Diorka from Philadelphia and Sister Ann Letourneau from the Congregation of St Joseph to a three-year term beginning in November 2018. In the future, these two positions will be filled by election processes that will be established over the next two years by the Roles and Responsibilities Committee.

Out of the nominations from other sisters in the U.S. Federation, six ultimately chose to apply for these two positions after careful consideration of the time required to commit to such a role, as well as a passion for the work of the Federation. It was a challenging decision as each of the candidates had much to offer.

In selecting Sr. Charlene, the Leadership Council noted that she has extensive experience in national organizations including her experience as the assistant director of the National Resource for Vocations Conference (NRVC) and her current position as the program director for the Leadership Collaborative Development Program. She has facilitated meetings for Tending the Flame (the gathering of newer members in the Federation), the younger Carondelet sisters, and the Carondelet vocation ministers. The council leaders indicated that her writings for NRVC and Horizons have depth and understanding. Sr. Charlene has a sparkling energy, is open to a variety of opinions, is very creative, and willing to take appropriate risks.

Sr. Ann LetourneauIn selecting Sr. Ann, the Leadership Council noted that she is astute, grounded, mature, articulate, thoughtful, and thought-provoking.  She has extensive knowledge of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the U.S. Federation through her participation as the Federation Novice Director and a participant in Bearers of the Tradition.  Her quiet, reflective presence is a needed quality on the Leadership Council at this time.

The Leadership Council also appointed two newly elected leaders to replace two sisters whose terms were ending. They were Sister Kathy Carr from St. Augustine and Sister Marie Hogan from Congregation of St. Joseph.

These appointments should provide the Federation with the skills and wisdom needed to maintain stability and consistency during this transition to a new model of governance and leadership.

Lastly, Sister Joan Gallagher (Brentwood) will assume her duties as co-chair along with Sister Eileen McCann (Carondelet- Albany). The Leadership Council thanks Sister Peggy Sullivan (Boston/Leadership Council co-chair) and Sister Jeannie Masterson (Congregation of St. Joseph) for their service on the Leadership Council.