Srs. Cecilia and Mary two of the current Leadership Council members talk with Sr. Peggy SullivanAs the 2017 Leadership Assembly planned its bold moves for the future of the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph, it decided on a new composition for the Leadership Council (The Leadership Council serves as the Board of Directors for the US Federation). Going forward two of the twelve members will be from the youngest 7% of Sisters of St Joseph.  The Leadership Council finalized a process to appoint these two new members. Using the 2017 Federation census, the youngest 7% includes those sisters who are 67 years of age and younger.  Interestingly, five of the current Leadership Council members are already in this youngest 7% cohort.

During this transition time to our new models of membership and governance the Leadership Council will appoint all new members. The Leadership Council awaits reports from other committees that will provide the information needed to develop processes to appoint other new members.

Srs. Michele and Cecilia share a light moment

This week leaders, communicators, and those sisters 67 years of age and under for whom we had emails were sent the materials to nominate sisters for the Leadership Council seats.  All sisters are invited to nominate those 67 years of age and under whom they believe would be effective serving on the Leadership Council.  Qualities most needed are critical thinking, ability to work as a team, being open to new ideas, and able to work effectively in times of transition.

Nominations from sisters will be accepted through April 30.  Those sisters nominated will receive their endorsements and have until June 8, 2018 to submit a brief application for consideration by the Leadership Council.

At its June meeting, the Leadership Council will appoint the two new members who will begin their duties at the November meeting that immediately follows the Leadership Assembly.  We continue to move towards a vibrant, exciting, and engaging future.