On January 3-5, the Leadership Council for the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph met to continue with their follow-up plans to implement the historic decisions made at the 2017 Leadership Assembly. Throughout the month, we are sharing the outcomes of that meeting with you. Click here to read about the 2017 decisions for “A Bold New Future” that are now being implemented


Membership Expansion

The 2017 Leadership Assembly opened US Federation membership to all those associated with our member congregations, including agrégées, associates, partners in mission, St. Joseph Workers, and among those who shared the charism and spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph. As with all transformational shifts, we will only feel the full implications of this decision over time.

The Federation will be better able to implement our new Mission, Values, and Vision statement by working more closely with all those who are living the charism. A new committee made up of three sisters, Janet Flescheicker, Betsy Conway and Suzanne Franck, an associate, Joanne Fantini, an agrégées, Mary Jo Sullivan, and two partners in mission, Jennifer Tacheny and Gena Gadient will brainstorm the benefits, roles, and responsibilities for these new members. They will recommend how to encourage potential new members to join and design the application process.

Dues Structure

Any membership organization provides certain benefits to its members and has certain expectations of those members. One of those expectations is to assist in the financial support of the organization. A new committee consisting of two sisters, Marianne Race and Barbara Winnals, a communication specialist, Michaela Charleston, and an associate, Cindi Olesky will propose a dues structure for these new members. Membership levels may include individual memberships and institutional memberships for partners in mission and sponsored institutions.

Next steps

Once these two committees complete their work and processes are in place, we will be ready to accept new members.