Sr. Joan Steadman thanks Sr. Marcia for her service in the Presidency of LCWRShortly after Sr. Marcia Allen, Concordia Sister of St. Joseph, completed her term in the Presidency of LCWR, she shared the following reflection with Sr. Patty Johnson of the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Well let me start at the beginning. When I came to the presidency in 2014 we werSr. Marcia shares a light moment with Sr. Rosemary Brennan Boston who serves on the LCWR Boarde still in the grip of the resolution of the Doctrinal Investigation and on April 15 in one fell swoop Pope Francis created an end to it all. Suddenly, unexpectedly I think for us, our identity shifted. We were no longer beleaguered people courageously journeying through what might be called a dark night or dry desert but rather, we were a liberated, exonerated people whose reputation was not only restored but now reverenced and respected; and not only by so many people in the Church but world-wide and in the general population. But as in any sudden shift our self concept as a conference shifted. And for the next several months –I'd say probably through 2015 and some of 2016 we lived in an in-between place – We were neither the former people, the Conference was neither its former self nor its future one. I realized or I grew to realize my role was to tend the Center and to see that it held in what for me was experienced as a vacuum…so gradually our conference's new self, if you will, began to re-form and re-configure in its identity. Today, at the end of the 2017 Assembly, we realize that we are indeed in a new place and quite possibly, I believe, a new people. We are ready to move out of the darkness and maybe we have already stepped into the light. Sr. Marcia is presented with the 2017 Assembly CandleThere is an intentionality within the Conference, the body itself, to communiothat is, toward working with greater simplicity and effort for a more diverse, inclusive, variegated membership where many different voices will create a creative, lively, vibrant and complex communion. There is this general excitement about it all and I am truly grateful.