Event 2016 is pleased to welcome Pat Bergen, CSJ to address us on the topic of “Moving All-Ways in the Flow of Unioning Love” Pat is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph and a vital part of their Leadership Team.  Pat’s ministries have included teaching both at the elementary and secondary levels.

However she is best known for the energy she brings in fanning into flame the inclusive, out-pouring Love in the hearts of people of all ages. She has a unique gift of helping others experience the communion in which all live, move and have their being.

Pat was instrumental in bringing to life the Well Spirituality Center in LaGrange Park, Illinois, which is  committed to strengthening, healing, and calling forth the inherent wholeness of Earth, our human community, and all creation. Facilitating dialogue between diverse faith traditions and the new cosmology is also a passion of Pat’s.

As a Sister of St. Joseph, she has served in the ministries of novice director, vocation director, and director of initial and ongoing formation. Pat has also served on the Leadership Council of the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the Federation initial formation interest group, and as a planner/presenter for the Federation novitiate.

Moving All-Ways in the Flow of Unioning Love
Love is the origin, the process, and the goal of universe history. Jesus revealed it and our first sisters, associates and agrégéés proclaimed it with their lives. What if, in our time, we recognized our participation in the flow of unioning love as a movement of grace rather than an institution? Imagine the transformative possibilities, the influence, and the implications!

Riding the Wave of the Mission
The recognition that ALL IS ONE is a wave rising in our time! Our charism has extraordinary gifts to contribute to this rising. How can we engage and partner with others in new and perhaps radically different ways in serving God and dear neighbor without distinction.  Imagine the transformative wave of blessing for the world.