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About Us

Who We Are

Le Puy, France

IMG 2892The Federation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is a dynamic union of all the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the United States who claim a common origin in the foundation at Le Puy, France in 1650. This includes 3740 sisters, 2609 associates and 34 agrégées of 16 Congregations throughout the United States.

At the 2017 Leadership Assembly elected leaders affirmed the following Mission, Values and Vision statements and embraced a bold new dream.


The US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph embraces the Gospel Charism of unifying love for the healing and transformation of the world.

At Event 2016 St Joseph Workers were a big presence and they spoke eloquently of how the charism influences their lives


The US Federation is grounded in the following values:

  • Love of God and neighbor without distinction, from whom we do not separate ourselves
  • Prayer, contemplation and discernment that lead to courageous action
  • Responsiveness to the needs of the world and oneness with creation
  • Unity forged through respect, appreciation of diversity and collaboration


As Members of the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, we respond to the movement of the Spirit to keep the flame of the charism alive. We embrace an all-inclusive and self-emptying love that nurtures unity among ourselves and the “dear neighbor” without distinction. Imbued with our rich heritage and attentive to the evolving needs of the world, we proclaim the Gospel message of unifying love thereby becoming a transforming and healing presence in the world. With the vision, “that all may be one, (John 17:21)” members of the Federation deepen mutually sustaining and life giving relationships.

Expanding our membership is a key piece of the US Federation’s bold new dream. The Leadership Assembly unanimously agreed to open Federation membership to all those associated with our member congregations, including agrégées, associates, partners in mission, St. Joseph Workers, and among those who shared the charism and spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Previously they could join in some Federation programs, projects, and committees. Now, the possibility to choose official membership will allow them to find new responsibilities, roles, and ways of participating in our mission. We are forming a working group to create an implementation plan for these membership changes.

Our Ministries

The basic desire of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is to reflect a “profound love of God and neighbor without distinction.” Our mission is to live and work so that all may be one. By building relational communities wherever we live and serve, we keep this mission alive. Whether we are among people who live in pockets of poverty and neglect, in middle class neighborhoods, or in areas of greater affluence, we are "sisters of the neighborhood" trying to meet the varied needs of people and to create centers of relationship and unity. True to the dream of our foundresses, we continue to "divide the city, seek the ills and cure them." In the context of their times, the original Sisters of Saint Joseph were mostly uneducated women. Today, every woman who joins the congregation receives the education necessary to fulfill her ministry. Sisters of Saint Joseph can be found in soup kitchens, shelters, universities, schools, hospitals, courtrooms, prisons, retreat centers, offices, nursing homes, laboratories, studios and hospices. We are educators, lawyers, doctors, nurses, family therapists, social workers, patient advocates, spiritual directors, parish ministers, theologians, psychologists, physical therapists, administrators, artists, authors, musicians, poets and a myriad of other things. We still seek to do, as our history tells us, "Whatever is possible for women to do" and in our present society, we know this is simply everything.

Who are the congregations in our U.S. Federation?

  • Baden, PA
  • Boston, MA
  • Brentwood, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Carondelet
    • Provinces
    • Albany, NY
    • St. Louis, MO
    • St. Paul, MN
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Vice Province of Peru
  • Chambéry—West Hartford, CT
  • Concordia, KS
  • Congregation of St. Joseph
    • Founding Centers
    • Cleveland, OH [motherhouse]
    • LaGrange, IL
    • Médaille
    • Nazareth, MI
    • Tipton, IN
    • Wheeling, WV
    • Wichita, KS
  • Erie, PA
  • Lyon-Winslow, ME
  • Orange, CA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Rochester, NY
  • Springfield, MA
  • St. Augustine, FL
  • Watertown, NY

Consensus Statement of the Central Ideas
of Jean Pierre Medaille, S. J.,
Found in the Primitive Constitutions

Stimulated by the Holy Spirit of Love and receptive to His inspirations the Sisters of St. Joseph moves always towards profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction

from whom she does not separate herself and
from whom, in the following of Christ
she works in order to achieve unity
both of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God
directly in this apostolate
and indirectly through works of charity

in humility - the spirit of the Incarnate Word
Philippians 2:5-11

in sincere charity(cordiale charité) - the manner of Saint Joseph whose name she bears

in an Ignatian-Salesian climate: that is, with anf orientation towards excellence
(Le dépassement, le plus)
tempered by gentleness (douceur) , peace, joy

tempered by gentleness (douceur) , peace, joy