Swarm of Bees, Like a Swarm of Bees is a novel about the early American days of the Sisters of St. Joseph, written by Los Angeles CSJ Carol Anne O’Marie.  Originally published by Carondelet Publications in Los Angeles, Swarm is now published and distributed by Good Ground Press in St. Paul. Swarm of Bees tells the story of the first six Sisters of St. Joseph who set sail from France in 1836 to bring the Gospel to the New World.  The story is narrated by Sister St. Protais, the novice among the six, who is eager to live and work with the native peoples of America.  The novel form is an ideal way to picture the hardships of the nuns’
living conditions and the call of the ministry they have come to do.

The novel form makes this a great read for anyone from middle grades to adult. Sister Carol Anne knows how to hold readers’ interest. Go to goodgroundpress.com to read a sample. Order sets for school groups. Give as gifts. Share it with your ministry partners.Carol Anne O’Marie, CSJ. A well-researched account of the early missionary Sisters of St. Joseph in America, brought to life through the eyes of the novice, Sister Protais, who sailed with the original group from France. O’Marie offers both beautiful descriptions of nature, contrasting with the hardships of their living conditions as well as insights into tensions between spiritual ideals and personal conflict. A truly enjoyable and informative read.

1-49 copies $16.00 per copy

50-99 copies $14.50 per copy

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Under the Skyflower Tree, Mona Castelazo, CSJ. Author Mona Castelazo shares the humorous stories of growing up Catholic in Fresno, California. Her calling to the religious life, her subsequent formation in the convent, and her early teaching career occur at a time of sweeping changes in the Catholic Church-Vatican II.

Castelazo embraces change as a person determined not to be a non-entity, but instead, a "nun-entity." Her narrative begins in her days as an inquisitive and precocious young girl and continues until she becomes a critically thinking, mature adult, rejecting the "regurgitation of answers" as unacceptable for herself and her students. The English teacher shares a bit of her own poetry throughout this captivating memoir.

Under the Skyflower Tree speaks to those interested in spiritual growth, human development, insightful literature, the wisdom of personal experience, and the beauty of remaining open to where life takes you."


The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton, Sr. Monica Weiss< . Sister Monica explores how Merton’s love of nature shaped his spirituality and impacted his interest in environmental concerns.

In The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton, author Monica Weis suggests that Merton's interest in nature, which developed significantly during his years at the Abbey of Gethsemani, laid the foundation for his growing environmental consciousness. Tracing Merton's awareness of the natural world from his childhood to the final years of his life, Weis explores his deepening sense of place and desire for solitude, his love and responsibility for all living things, and his evolving ecological awareness.


The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton (Culture of the Land)

Beyond the Call, Sister Thomas Joseph McGoldrick . This book covers the incredible story of the role the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine played in the foundation and growth of the Roman Catholic Church in 19th century Florida and Georgia.

Available at http://sistersofstjoseph.vpweb.com/Store.html

BEARERS OF FAITH: Undaunted Courage of Catholic Sisters Under Communism, Sister Margaret Nacke. This a collection of personal testimonies. In their own words, Catholic sisters tell their story of life in Central and Eastern Europe during the 40 years of communist rule.

Since 1993, Sister Margaret and Sister Mary Savoie have collaborated with Eastern European sisters as they have moved — and continue to move — from a clandestine life of oppression to a life of freedom in a complex world.

Visit the Concordia website at http://www.csjkansas.org/interrupted-lives/ to learn how to order this book.

Love Like This, Sister Marie Michael Keane (October 2011). These remarkable poems, some written before Margaret Keane became Sister Marie Michael Keane and some written afterwards, remind one of Emily Dickinson's work. The poet's earthly passion and love of the natural world are very like the Belle of Amherst's; only in her orthodox religious belief does she differ, but even then she has a distinctly personal and often quite unexpected way of expressing Catholic conviction. One is reminded of the 17th Century Metaphysical Poets.

Aloha Ke Akua: The Love of God, S. Kathleen Marie Shields , CSJ. This is a history of our sisters in the Vice Province of Hawaii. Good Ground Press, 2004.

Speaking the Language of Love: Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Japan, Sr. Karen M. Kennelly, CSJ., 2009

This Really Happened: One Missionary's Story of Transformation, Sr. Kathleen Judge, CSJ. Good Ground Press, 2011.

Come to the Waters, A History of the SSJs of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Leonie Shanley, SSJ and Mary Francis Becker, SSJ. Come to the Waters chronicles the story of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Citing the beginnings of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the 17th century in Le Puy, France moving into the 21st century, the Sisters tell their story. The Congregation’s mission of unity of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God appears to be the motivating force which created ever-new ministries to answer the needs of the ‘dear neighbor’ during the past 150 years.

To obtain a copy of Come to the Waters, contact Sharon Urban at 814/836-4204 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Secrets of Prayer: A Multifaith Guide to Creating Personal Prayer in Your Life, Nancy Corcoran. Prayer can be intimidating. The idea of speaking directly to God can leave you tongue-tied, not sure what words to use, how to begin or how to end. This compelling, multifaith guidebook offers you companionship and encouragement on the journey to a healthy prayer life. Unlocking six secrets about what prayer actually is, it invites you into the practices of prayer, meditation and contemplation, showing you that prayer doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t need formulas and it doesn’t have to be planned.

Communidad Para el Mundo, Sr. Mary McGlone, CSJ. This book unfurls the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph from their founding in France through their current history, offering the opportunity to appreciate the journey and the evolution of the first sisters, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the first forty years in Peru.

Associate Nicole Nicoll's presentation on Félicie de Durfort de Duras, Comtesse de la Rochejaquelein, has now culminated with the publication of HERSTORY, a 70-page narrative essay. HERSTORY, the story of the Comtesse, is a magnificent tribute to the woman who paid for the first six Sisters of St. Joseph to come to America from France. By providing a wealth of necessary background on the French Revolution and Félicie's family heritage, Nicole sets the stage for the extraordinary adventures of the Comtesse. Félicie's life and legacy are an inspiration and an encouragement for today's sisters and associates.

HERSTORY is available by mail for the total price of $20. Please make check to Nicole Nicoll, CSJA (proceeds will go to the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Louis Province). Please send money to:

Sister Ruth Stuckel, CSJ
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Crispina and Her Sisters
Women and Authority in Early Christianity
by Christine Schenk
Discovering reliable information about women in early Christianity is a challenging enterprise. Most people have never heard of Bitalia, Veneranda, Crispina, Petronella, Leta, Sofia the Deacon, and many others even though their catacomb and tomb art suggests their authority was influential and valued by early Christian communities. This book explores visual imagery found on burial artifacts of prominent early Christian women. It carefully situates the tomb art within the cultural context of customary Roman commemorations of the dead. Recent scholarship about Roman portrait sarcophagi and the interpretation of early Christian art is also given significant attention. An in-depth review of women's history in the first four centuries of Christianity provides important context. A fascinating picture emerges of women's authority in the early church, a picture either not available or sadly distorted in the written history. It is often said "a picture is worth a thousand words." The portrait tombs of fourth-century Christian women suggest that they viewed themselves and/or their loved ones viewed them as persons of authority with religious influence.


Teaching Kids to Care About God's Creation: Reflections, Activities and Prayers for Catechists and Families
by Mary Elizabeth Clark
We all know Pope Francis has issued an urgent call to bring care for the Earth into both our spirituality and our daily actions. But how do we get started, especially with children and families?
Here, Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark responds to Pope Francis call by offering thirty lessons that will engage children, catechists, and families in the good work of keeping our planet livable and sustainable for coming generations.
Inspired by passages in Laudato Si (On Care for our Common Home), the lessons and practical activities are fun and thought-provoking. The reflections and prayers in each lesson help connect our practical actions to the gospel and deepen our spiritual sense of our common home.
From activities for conserving water to developing a greater awareness of all of God s creation, this book will be a great resource for catechists and families.

 book cover teaching